This war is no longer part of the PDS canon

Bowasian-Midwayan War
B-1 wings swept
A Bowasian B-1B en route to Midway
Date July 14, 2012 -present
Location Union of Midway

The President of Midway, Abdullah Mohamed Malan orders and personally funds a terrorist attack on Bowasia

Status Ongoing
New Bowasian Flag Bowasia
with military support from
Flag of JBR United States of JBR (JBRican Expeditionary Forces)
MidwayFlag Union of Midway
United prefectures of japan United Prefectures of Japan
New Bowasian Flag Bowwow
New Bowasian Flag Clyde Fabino
Template:JBR Justin Vuong
MidwayFlag Abdullah Mohamed Malan
United prefectures of japan Koichiro Gemba
United prefectures of japan Kazuya Ayumu
New Bowasian Flag 500,000 soldiers, 400 tanks, 150 bombers, and 130 fighters
Flag of JBR 1,000 expeditionary personnel
MidwayFlag 400,000 soldiers,300 bombers, 375 fighters
United prefectures of japan 50,000 soldiers
Casualties and losses
New Bowasian Flag 497 killed, 789 wounded MidwayFlag Unknown

The Bowasian-Midwayan War began on July 14, 2012 after Bowasia discovered that Abdullah Mohamed Malan ordered and personnely funded a kamikaze attack on a Globemaster III using a private jet that cost Bowasia some of its best pilots and over Z100,000,000 in equipment. Japan declared war on Bowasia to fulfill it's obligation in a defense pact with Midway. On July 16, 2012, the United States of JBR declared its support for Bowasia and signed a military trespassing right with Bowasia and agreed to send expeditionary forces to support Bowasia. On August 6, 2012, Midway and Bowasia agreed to a truce in memory of Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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