Bombing of NCL Headquarters
Part of the War of the Northern Coral Sea
A NewAustralian B-52 returning home.
Date June 20
Location Papua New Guinea

NewAustralian forces find the NCL Headquarters.

Status NewAustralian victory
Australia NewAustralia NCL Flag Natural Conservation League
Australia Keegan Williams
Australia Ben Hodges
NCL Flag George Gordon
85 B-52 Stratofortress bombers 143 Anti-air guns
Casualties and losses
3 B-52 Stratofortress 108 Anti-air guns

The Bombing of NCL Headquarters began at 0200 hours on the 20th of June. Previous to the bombing multiple NewAustralian UAVs had been scouting the area in search of the Natural Conservation League's headquarters and enemy positions. Once the NewAustralian military had gathered enough information bombers took to the skies and began attacking the positions. They faced mild opposition and suppressed most enemy attackers. The B-52s bombed parts of the headquarters complex but a cruise missile hit the main building causing communications across the base to fail. The bombing was regarded as a victory and most bombers returned home.


NCL forces began to withdraw from New Brisbane but the NCL still retained their occupation of New Brisbane.

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