Army of the Order of the Black Rose

Blackwater Official Flag
Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) Sir Reformentia
Founded February 1st 2008

Knight Commander:

  • Lady Kirke

Blackwater Command:

  • Xonnn
  • maxnmike
  • SlimJD33
  • Jeb The Wise
International relations Army of the Order of the Black Rose

AllianceStats Statistics as of 03/15/2014

Total Nations 7
Strength 347,214
Avg. Strength 49,602
Nukes 105
Rank 112
Score 1.37
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An innovative initiative of the Order of the Black Rose, Blackwater, is now accepting enlistment applications. Blackwater is a martial organization under the royally sanctioned command of Lady Kirke, Knight of the Order.

Blackwater is not an alliance in the conventional sense of the term, it is something else. We are not a government with an army... we are an army. Because Blackwater is a military unit, it has an extensively developed chain of command with a vast amount of positions which new recruits can aspire to, but none of them are civilian in nature. We have no politicians. We have no ambassadors or diplomats. We sign no treaties, as treaties are for governments. And finally, Blackwater is bonded to the Order and Her Majesty The Rose... not through treaty, but through our solemn pledge of fealty to Her cause and ideals.

The Blackwater CharterEdit

a brotherhood of nations united in common cause,
does solemnly, bindingly, and militantly pledge

that we shall nurture the growth
and the security of our member nations,

that we shall faithfully support and defend
ourselves,The Realm of the Rose and
The Order Of The Black Rose
against all enemies and opposers;

that we will bear true faith and allegiance
to ourselves and to
The Order Of The Black Rose,
to whose protection we are bound;

that we take these obligations freely,
without any reservation, inducement,
or purpose of evasion;

that we shall stand prepared and ready at all times
to execute these obligations
by whatever means are required and advisable,

and that we will well and faithfully discharge
the duties of this oath.

DONE this 8th day of FEBRUARY, 2008

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