Besaidian Green Party
Green Party of Grand Besaid
FoundedJune 9, 2009
IdeologyGreen Politics
Fiscal positionFar-Left
Social positionLeft
Party ChairmanFlores Miamana
Coalition LeaderCarol Duke
HeadquartersSentara, Grand Besaid
and Besaid, Grand Besaid
Official colors      Light Green
Seats in the
- House of Representatives
- Council of Delegates
- Ministerial Council

0 of 2987
108 of 2676
2 of 22
The Besaidian Green Party (BGP), also known as the Green Party of Grand Besaid, is a political party in Grand Besaid, with positions and an ideology based on Green Politics. The party was founded by Carol Duke and Flores Mianmana to advocate for more "green policies" in the government.

While the party does not hold a single seat in the House of Representatives, it holds 108 seats in the Council of Delegates. Two national ministers also belong to the party, both the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment and the Minister of Energy.

The Besaidian Green Party is one of the ten largest political parties in Grand Besaid, by members, endowment, and current seats in the national government.

The Party emphasizes environmentalism, non-hierarchical participatory democracy, equal opportunity, social justice, respect for diversity, peace, nonviolence, ecological wisdom, gender equality, Community-based economics, and sustainability.

The Besaidian Green Party does not accept donations from corporations. Thus, the party's platforms and rhetoric critiques any corporate influence and control over government, media, and Grand Besaidian society at large.

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