Battle of Ociania
Part of the Jihad War of the United States of JBR
Date April 27, 2011
Location Ociania, Deltoran Republic

The Communist Party of Deltora declares war on the United States of JBR and the JBRican and Deltoran governments aim to annihilate the party by surprise.

Status Ended, Pro-JBRican victory
Flag of JBR United States of JBR
DR flag Deltoran Republic
Russia Communist Party of Deltora
Flag of JBR James Chor
Flag of JBR Anthony Ruiz
DR flag Gregor Hammelson
Russia Furel deGardei
Russia Nomad Hilton
1,482 soldiers (Deltora)
1,459 mercenaries (JBR)
892 soldiers
Casualties and losses
85 killed
24 injured
529 killed
354 injured
23 missing
Not to be confused with Ociania Bombing

The Battle of Ociania is a major conflict in the Jihad War of the United States of JBR. The event occurred around 1:00 PM local time in the nation of the Deltoran Republic when JBRican mercenaries searched for soldiers of the Communist Party of Deltora. The party declared war on JBR and Deltora two days ago. It planned on hostilely attacking the nations and switching the governments to communism. The party planned on usurping the current leaders and establish a communist state. It hoped it would soon spread around the world, following the Marxist concept of world revolution.

JBRican soldiers were giving the right back Deltoran authorities to search businesses and residences for any hostile party members. The JBRican troops were in high anticipation to march to Sault Sainte Maria, Hiliu; the headquarters of the party, and destroy the party immediately. However, when JBRican and Deltoran soldiers entered a poorer section of Ociania, they discovered it was harboring several party members. The party members were caught by surprise and were immediately attacked. Surrounded in dense alleyways, the party members were cornered. All major passageways and strategic escape routes were blocked and pro-JBRican soldiers from the upper floors of the buildings looked out for escapees. Many party members were killed during the initial surprise attack but quickly opened fire back. Using several buildings for safety, the battle soon entered into a stalemate--both sides avoiding the enemy's fire and firing back. By 3:31 PM, the battle soon drew near an end; the party members were retreating and were stuck. Eventually, the remaining soldiers surrendered although the commanders, deGardei and Hilton, escaped. In the end, over half of all original party members in the battle were killed while a relatively low casualty for the JBRican and Deltoran forces. Injured party members were deported to the nearest hospitals and those who are well-able were detained in some of Deltora's detention facilities.

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