Battle of New Brisbane
Part of the War of the Northern Coral Sea
Date June 14
Location New Brisbane, NewAustralia

Natural Conservation League forces dock in the port of New Brisbane

Status Natural Conservation League Victory
Australia NewAustralia NCL Flag Natural Conservation League
Australia Keegan Williams
Australia Nicholas Harris
Australia Ben Hodges
DR flag Ontar Hilli
NCL Flag George Gordon
NCL Flag Hanna Flannagan
15,000 NewAustralian soldiers
40 Apache AH-64 Helicopters
800 M1 Abrams tanks
50 F-35 Lightning II Fighters
10,000 NCL soldiers
250 Landing Ships
76 MiG-15 Fighters
104 B-25 Mitchell Bombers
Casualties and losses
2,365 soldiers killed
6,789 injured
456 M1 Abrams Tanks
29 AH-64 Apache Helicopters
1,291 killed
2,121 injured
18 MiG-15 Fighters
23 B-25 Mitchell Bombers

The Battle of New Brisbane was a battle fought between NewAustralian forces and the Natural Conservation League. It began shortly after a bombing run by NCL when 250 landing ships docked in New Brisbane Bay carrying roughly 90 troops each. Due to the fact that much of the NewAustralian armed forces were in Papua New Guinea

June 14 Edit

At 1200 hours the Natural Conservation League began a bombing run on New Brisbane. NewAustralian F-35 pilots and air force staff scrambled to get a hold on the situation. By the time the fighters had reached New Brisbane the NCL B-25 bombers had destroyed more than half of the NewAustralian army's tanks as well as at least 1,000 troops. At 1230 hours NewAustralian army troops had entered the city and were almost immediately repelled. 40 Apache AH-64 helicopters entered the city but were also repelled or destroyed. NewAustralian forces were soon ordered to fall back.

Aftermath Edit

After the conclusion of the battle NewAustralian Prime Minister PrimeMinisterEdward made a speech saying that NewAustralia would recapture New Brisbane and finish NCL once and for all.

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