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This alliance merged with the Legion of Shadows to form the Mandalorian Empire.

Merger occurred on/around February 16, 2008

Note: Announcement

Austro-Hungarian Empire,
formerly The Holy Roman Empire,
formerly Prussia
De prus1

Flag of Prussia
AHE Motto: TBD
Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) Kingmorton and Otto Von Bismarck
Founded October 4, 2007
Other Officials


  • Kaiser of Prussia:Otto Von Bismarck (disposed)
  • Kaiser of the Holy Roman Empire/Austro-Hungarian Empire: kingmorton
  • Reichskanzler: Kingmorton


  • MoIA:---
  • MoE:---
  • MoW:Hades30
  • MoFA:rommelgrad
International relations
  • N/A

AllianceStats Statistics as of 1/1/08

Total Nations 36
Strength 182,345
Avg. Strength 5,065
Nukes 0
Important Links

  • IRC: #cnPrussia

For the current alliance, see The Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire, shortly known as the The Holy Roman Empire (the use of the name was also banished by The German Empire, as agreed by both Parties) and originally Prussia, was an alliance formed after the Germanic War, created from components of Prussia after they were attacked by The German Empire due to Otto Von Bismarck threatening to attack Kaiser Fredrick II.

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