Assembly of the Deltoran Republic
TypeLegeslative Assembly
Speaker of the House of RepresentitivesGeorge Hannson, Worker's Advancement Party of the Deltoran Republic
since Feburary 4th, 2011 (Congressional Election)
Proclamier of the Approval (Regent Vice President)Nathon Carrelson, People's Party of Deltora
since Febuary 4th, 2011
Secondary Proclaimer of the ApprovalFelipe Nordr, Worker's Advancement Party
since Feburary 4th, 2011
Secondary Speaker of the House of RepresentitivesCody Gregory, Worker's Advancement
since Feburary 4, 2011
Congressional Chief RepresentativeDavid Benson, People's Party of Deltora
since Feburary 4, 2011
Political groups     Worker's Advancement Party (567)     Conservative Party (56)     People's Party of Deltora (543)     Democratic Party of Deltora (390)     Promcapablicist Party of Deltora (Rioters) (8)     Christian Party of Deltora (201)     Deltoran Islamic Party (10)     Independents (121)
Last electionFeburary 4th, 2011
Meeting place
Capitol Building of the Deltoran Republic, Ociania, DR
[]; [ http://www.legeslative.dr]

Deltoran Republic

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The Assembly of the Republic (also known as the National Congress) is the law making group in the Deltoran Republic. It currently posseses 1656 members. It houses two branches, the upper house Aproval, and the lower house the House of Representitives,

Powers by Constution Edit

The Assembly can enforce military action, pass reforms and constututional amendments, pass draft laws, manage the budget, enforce martial law, and modify the taxes.
The Assembly can overrule the Presidental veto, and impeach him as well. The president can impeach the proclaimer and the speaker, but only with premission of the courts. In a case of severe emergencys, the president can enforce Executive Orders, and can overrule the Assembly, and in times of disorder or traitorism in the Executive Branch, this branch can enforce Legeslative Orders, with premisson of an vote of the courts, but if the courts are also in a state of disorder, the Legeslative will be required to use a ally's government, or appoint a temporary leader of the conuntry who will serve until the issue is resolved.

Approvel Edit

Main article: Approval

The Approval is the Upper House of the Deltoran Republic. The purpose of the Approval is to provide a branch of officals to prevent the Representitives from passing unneeded laws and to watch and impeach coruppt leaders. The Approval has the power to enforce military action, and declare war.
The Approval cannot propose laws, but votes on laws that the House proposes.
The proclaimer of the Approvel is Nathon Carrelson. The proclaimer has the power to push bills aside, although the rest of the Approvel can overrule it and continue the voting process. The Approval has the most powerful in courts, but can try only government officals. The supreme courts can overrule any bills or amendments by BOTA, and can impeach these officals.

House of Representives Edit

60 representitves preside here. BOR is the branch that proposes the laws to BOTA. The Worker's Sdvancement Party of the Deltoran Republic. George Hannson is the Speaker of the Chamber.

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