ARC Captain is the current Arch Auditor for the Lykoi (Defense) division of Sparta. He has spent just over a year in Sparta. Arc Captain also has a sister by the screen name of maidenroseheart, who leads the Spartan banking nation Lair of Legacy.

History Edit

Overview Edit

Kessel, under the leadership of ARC Captain, was created on June 24, 2008. Little besides inexperienced building took place for three months until a tech raid convinced ARC Captain that joining an alliance would be beneficial. The citizens of Kessel are grateful that they ended up in Sparta.

ARC Captain was a senator of the last Spartan Senate, and took part in the creation of the current Constitution of Sparta.

Defense Edit

Arc Captain was recruited into the Defense division as the Lieutenant of Regulars Company 5, because of his activity on IRC. Shortly after, he was promoted to Lieutenant of Rangers Company 5. From there, Arc Captain was promoted to Major of the Reserves on February 26, 2009. Then with the great defense restructuring that Andrewbw brought to fruition, Arc Captain was made the first Lieutenant Colonel of the Reserves. Not long after, another promotion brought ARC Captain to the position of General of Regulars and Reserves. Then on August 31, 2009, ARC Captain was elected to replace AdamX as the Arch Auditor of the Lykoi. As an Elder, ARC Captain has worked to keep the documents of the military in working order, and to assist in the training of the military. Currently, Arc Captain is a member of the Rangers in addition to his Elder position.

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