Anton Rasmussen

In office
January 2, 2053 – January 3, 2065
President Evan McDowell
Preceded by Michael Annan
Succeeded by Louis Kissinger

Born October 9, 2006(2006-10-09)
Merctonoplois, JAD Land
Died June 12, 2081(2081-06-12) (aged 74)
London, United British Empire
Political party Anchor
Spouse Emma Rasmussen
Profession Scientific researcher
Religion Catholic

Early LifeEdit

Anton Rasmussen was born in the J Andres colony of JAD Land and was a relative to Jose de Andres, the President of the colony. Although the charter for the colony ended in 2010, while Rasmussen was still a child, his family remained close with President de Andres and the former colonial president would mentor the young Rasmussen for a life of Politics.

Entrance into PoliticsEdit


Anton Rasmussen with his mentor Jose de Andres after Rasmussen's election into the Commune in 2032.

Rasmussen briefly was a member of the Commune during the Fourth Reformation of J Andres, and gained some notoriety for himself during his tenure. When J Andres collapsed again, he returned to the family business and went to work at JTech, developing technologies that could be used for advanced warfare.

Although he never held any executive office within JTech, he did attend frequent meetings of large former J Andres corporations and it was in this manner that he met Evan McDowell, then working at MKY Insurance. When McDowell was elected President in 2032, he selected Rasmussen to serve as the Minister of War and Defense[1]


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