Antioquia-Colombia War
Part of Antioquian expansion campaigns
Regions involved in the conflict.
Date July 16 - August 1st, 2012
Location Colombia, Panama

Antioquia invaded Colombian and Panamenian territories

Status Ended, Antioquian territories increased more than 70% and Colombia became a puppet-state of Antioquia
Antioquiaban.svg Republic of Antioquia Colombia Colombia
450px-Flag of Panama.svg Panama
Antioquiaban.svg Kovrov Stoyanovich
Antioquiaban.svg Alfred Garza
Antioquiaban.svg Julio Petrenko
Colombia Manuel Santos

450px-Flag of Panama.svg Ricardo Martinelli

40.000 Soldiers, 400 War tanks, 45 Aircraft, 1000 Artillery Batteries 61.000 Soldiers, 100 War tanks, 30 Aircraft, 50 Artillery Batteries
Casualties and losses
12.100 Soldiers, 20 War tanks, 3 Aircraft, 29 Artillery batteries 60.500 Soldiers, 100 War tanks, 30 Aircraft, 48 Artillery batteries

The Antioquia-Colombia war was an ongoing conflict between the Republic of Antioquia and the Alliance of Colombia and Panama. On July 16, 2012, the Republic of Antioquia declared war on Colombia, and later, on July 17, Antioquia declared war to Panama. Antioquia has already launched several attacks on Colombia and on Panama, while the army of Panama has been slow to respond, the army of Colombia is already offering heavy resistance. The war has already affected over 20.000 Antioquian and Colombian families. Peace was declared on August 1, 2012.

Operation Order Edit

Operation Order is the name that the Military Committee of Antioquia gived to the inital ofensive of the war. The objective of the operation is to capture the capitals of the regions of Caldas, Quindio, Risaralda, Atlantico, Bolivar, Sucre, Magdalena and Choco. Another objective of the operation is to defend the Antioquian borders with Cundinamarca.

Battle of Panama Edit

The battle of Panama was the battle for the City of Panama. On July 22 Antioquian Forces stormed the city and captured the high command of the Panamenian Army. The president escaped to a nearly military base

Liberty Offensive Edit

Main article: Battle of Magdalena

The Liberty Offensive was the codename for the attack carried out by the Colombian government to the region of Magdalena. Its objectives were to reach the city of Medellin and to capture the buildings of the government in the region. However the results for Colombia were devastating and sacrified over 15.000 soldiers and over 40 full-war tanks. This failure was decisive for the full victory of the Republic of Antioquia.

Battle of LlanosEdit

The Battle of Llanos was the last battle in the course of the war. The battle was a decisive victory for Antioquia and leaded to the Surrendering of Colombia on July 28 and the creation of the Treaty of Neerlandia.

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