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This alliance merged with the Children of the Morrighan, Last Call, Apocalypse Meow, and Sovereign League of Armed Powers to form CLAWS.

Merger occurred on/around July 13, 2018

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Alpha Wolves
Alpha Wolves Flag

Alpha Wolves Official Flag
Team Color Black team Black

King of the Wolves - Malakarlian

Hand of the King- Al Bundy

AllianceStats Statistics as of February 12, 2018

Total Nations 72
Strength 3,402,956
Avg. Strength 47,263
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The Alpha Wolves are a growing alliance on the Black Sphere. The alliance was founded on April 11, 2014.

Alliance TimelineEdit

Alliance Government StructureEdit

  • Alpha Wolf- This nation is the leader of the Alpha Wolves. The Alpha is the face of the alliance. The Alpha has a permanent seat on the wolf council.
  • Beta Wolf/ Co-Lead (Foreign Diplomat) - This nation is the co-lead of the Alpha Wolves. He is in charge of assisting the alliance through any problems. He handles all foreign aspects for the alliance, and recruits for the alliance. The Beta also has a permanent seat on the wolf council.
  • Wolf Council: The wolf council is made up of wolf leadership. The Alpha, Beta and acting MoD have a permanent seat on the council. Other members of the council are elected into the position. The council votes on all major decisions for the alliance. It takes majority votes to pass. Council members must remain active members in alliance. The alliance will vote for the council members every year, during the alliance year anniversary. Council member can serve as many terms as they are elected.
  • Minister of Defense - This nation monitors the alliances defenses. This nation will work with each nation in the alliance to assist with preparing if an attack would happen. This position will be monitoring each nations spy count. If a wolf is attacked this position will make sure each attacked nation fortifies their nation, also will check their defenses such as defcon levels, threat levels, and improvements.

War History Edit

See alsoEdit

War Combatants Outcome
Doom War Alpha Wolves vs. Fellowship of the Wolves & Doom Squad White Peace
Sengoku-SPATR War Alpha Wolves & World Freedom Federation vs. Monsters, Inc. Ceasefire
Rogue War[26] Alpha Wolves & AGW Overlords vs. PoSSE & Umbrella Peace
XX-Sparta War Alpha Wolves & Sparta vs. New Polar Order & Fark & Mostly Harmless Alliance Peace
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Foreign Affairs Edit

Listed below are all of the Alpha Wolves current treaties.

Active treaties of The Alpha Wolves
Treaty Type Treaty Partner(s) Status Signed
Alpha Wolves & Sparta Protectorate Treaty [27] Protectorate Sparta Upgraded July 27, 2014
Blood Pact [28] MDoAP Sparta Active June 30, 2015
Dances with Wolves [29] MDoAP Apocalypse Meow Active Nov 17, 2015
Alpha Wolves & AGW Overlords MDoAP MDoAP AGW Overlords Active March 23, 2016
The Wolf Pact [30] ODoAP Fellowship of the Wolves Active December 22, 2016
Alpha Wolves & SLAP ODoAP ODoAP Sovereign League of Armed Powers Upgraded June, 7 2017
Who Needs a Horse Accords [31] MDoAP The Templar Knights Active October 22, 2017
When the Wolves got a little too Drunk [32] ODoAP Last Call Active November 28, 2017
Winter is Coming with Fire and Blood [33] MDoAP New Pacific Order Active December 12, 2017
The Murderers Pack [34] ODoAP Children of the Morrighan Active December 19, 2017
Alpha Wolves & SLAP MDoAP MDoAP Sovereign League of Armed Powers Active January 13, 2018
Alpha Wolves & The Seven Kingdoms[35] PIAT The Seven Kingdoms Disbanned Sept 22, 2016
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