This alliance has disbanded as of November 2012.
57th Overlanders
Protectorate of Ragnarok
57th Flag bkp4-a copy

57th Official Flag
57th Motto: The Invincible Dead Men
Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) Veneke, HollowEyes, TheHIV, Patton, Angelking, Willis, Browncoat, MatthewFrankwitt, Roosterton, Dunnowhat, Lord Panda, Mitch, EvilSquirrel.
Founded January 19, 2011
International relations

Protectorate bloc

AllianceStats Statistics as of May 22, 2012

Total Nations 11
Strength 360,517
Avg. Strength 32,774
Nukes 119
Aid Efficiency 3 / 56 (5.36%)
Score 1.46
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For background information on the original 57th Overlanders which disbanded in 2010 see 57th Overlanders (1st).

The 57th Overlanders are a small Black Team alliance based around the Firefly TV show, and the movie it spawned, Serenity. They are a reformation of the original 57th Overlanders, and follow much of the same ideals. The 57th was founded during the PB-NpO War, which led some to the conception that they exist only to blow stuff up; however, the standing Captain has stated that this is not the case, and that the 57th plans to last after the war.

On March 6, leadership of the 57th in CN changed from Lord Panda to Browncoat. With the change, the 57th hopes to re-organize, grow, and become more active, both as a community and with the rest of the CN world.

The 57th prides itself on being small and tightly knit. Their declared focus is on the community, honour and expansion.

The Vision Edit

The 57th Overlanders do not use a Charter as would be considered the norm in Cybernations. Instead they follow a very broad Vision [1] which forms the core element of their rules. It differs from a standard Charter in that it applies to the 57th in any game that they play in. There are provision for a separate document to constitute the Charter of the 57th in a particular game, but as of yet such provision remains unused.

Other Games of the 57th Edit

The 57th Overlanders currently operates officially in Urban Dead and Supremacy 1914 in addition to Cybernations. Further games will be added to this "official" list as the prerequisites are met and as interest demands.

There are 57th members in Shintolin, 9 Empires, and Star Wars Online though there isn't an official presence in those games.

Members of the 57th are forming together in EVE online and will soon be an official game of the 57th Overlanders.

Treaties Edit

The 57th is currently a member of Ragnablok.

Wars of the 57th Edit

PB-NpO War Ragnablok vs. Poison Clan White peace None yet

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