Introduced 2010
Type Country code top-level domain
Status Currently Active
Registry Deltoran Semi-Department of Communications
Intended use to provide a ccTLD for the Deltoran Republic or her protectorites
Actual use DR agencies and for private use
Registration restrictions All users outside of the DR must regester with the Semi-Department of Communications
Structure Registrations at second-level permitted

.dr is the Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) for the Deltoran Republic. It was provided for the Deltoran Republic to create a fast way of communications for Deltoran citizens and military. It has gone beyond this prupose and now serves for private uses in the DR. Before the Foundation of the DR users in Mideastern US had to use the domains .com,.net, or .org.

Second-level domainsEdit

.dr has severel ccSLD, used for varied use in the DR.


This domain is used only for websites related to the government of the DR.


This domain is used for commerical use. It is the most popular ccSLD in the DR


This domain is reserved for non-profit organization and schools.

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